Outdoor Activities near your Austin Apartments

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With the weather having finally cooled down, some of the more outdoorsy residents of our apartments in East Austin are finally getting the chance to get out and explore. Living in Austin means having easy access to dozens of amazing outdoor destinations, and we want to make sure all our residents know all their options when it comes to adventuring in the great outdoors.


There are two different ways to explore the outdoors in Austin; by loading up on mountain bike gear and camping equipment, or by heading out with nothing but a pair of hiking boots. The great thing about living in Austin is that you don’t need too much gear to have a good time.


Let’s dive right into this week’s blog post, shall we? When you’re done reading through the blog post below, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and neighbors at Corazon — the apartments Austin residents choose for contemporary living.  


Take a rock climbing class in the Greenbelt


You don’t have to go way out to Enchanted Rock to experience outdoor rock climbing. You also don’t have to be an experienced rock climber to enjoy your experience. Rock-About offers rock climbing classes right on the Greenbelt, a few miles down from the Spyglass entrance. If you’ve ever seen people rock climbing down there and want to try it out for yourself, this is how you can make it happen!


Hike and Take Pics at Pedernales Falls


One of the most picturesque hiking experiences in Austin, Pedernales Falls State Park is located about an hour north of the city. The Pedernales River spills over a huge slab of rock as it flows from a high point to a low point, and that creates a gorgeous waterfall that’s worth the trip out of town. The water is especially high right now thanks to all the rain we’ve been getting, which means now is the perfect time to go out there and hike around the park.


Grab a kayak for an hour on Town Lake


If you’re new in town, we highly recommend that you soak in views of downtown from Town Lake. Nothing will make you feel more like an Austinite than kayaking or paddle boarding on Town Lake. The downtown skyscrapers rise above you, creating the perfect backdrop for a photo on the lake. You can rent your paddle board or kayak for $10-15 an hour at the rental stand behind the Hyatt hotel on the south side of the river.

That concludes our list of awesome outdoor activities! We’re so glad that you were able to take a few minutes out of your day to read this brand new post, and we encourage you to please check back in a few weeks when our next one goes live! Between now and then, be sure to use your next free weekend to get out there and explore some of the amazing outdoor experiences in the neighborhood around Corazon.


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