Tips for Keeping your Austin Apartments Organized

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Let’s be honest; the first thing you wanted to do after moving into your new apartments in East Austin was show your place off to your friends. It’s understandable, especially when you move into one of the newest, most luxurious communities in town. We’re not here to shame you for wanting to show off, but we do have some tips for keeping your place tidy so that your friends don’t get the urge to help you clean as soon as they walk in the front door.


Living in an apartment is a little different than living in a  house, even if you chose one of the more spacious floor plans at Corazon. Most people move into apartments because they want enough space to feel comfortable, but not so much space that they feel overwhelmed. After all, the more space you have, the more furniture you have to buy. Most residents of East Austin are happy to leave the home-buying for their later years, and enjoy the convenience of apartment living while they still can.


Convenience is the number one reason that people choose to live in apartments, but apartments are only convenient when you know how to stay organized. People who live in houses get to just throw all their extra possessions into a garage or a spare closet, but apartment-dwellers have to maximize space to achieve total comfort.


In this week’s post, we’re talking about two different ways that residents of Corazon Austin apartments can keep their home tidy. It’s not a hard thing to do, but you need to know how to do it before you can truly become an organization expert.


Take a look at this week’s blog, and be sure to send this post to any friends of yours who might be struggling to clear out extra space in their new apartment.


Tip #1: Use vertical storage to your advantage


When you chose your ideal floor plan for your new apartment, you probably got excited about all the square feet you’d have to work with. That’s awesome, but what’s even more awesome is using vertical space to your advantage. Here’s our advice; go to IKEA or somewhere similar and buy shelves that are tall without taking up too much floor space. Not only will this allow you to maximize the available space in your new home, it will also force people’s eyes upwards. This is a great trick for making it look like your apartment has more space than it actually does, even if you chose one of our extra-spacious floor plan options.


Tip #2: Clear boxes are better than opaque boxes.


While we cannot say that clear boxes are more stylish than their colorful counterparts, we can say that you’ll have an easier time locating the things you put in storage when you use clear boxes. You don’t want to be lifting and unpacking boxes every time you want to find your cold-weather clothes, so opt for clear boxes next time you buy storage supplies at the local department store.

We truly appreciate you all taking some time out of your packed schedules to read the most recent blog post from Corazon apartments. We hope this blog helps you stay organized as you add new furniture and other items to your apartment. Did you enjoy this week’s post? Do you want to read more like it? Just check this page again next month when our next blog goes live. Also, be sure to follow Corazon on social media to stay up to date and informed about all the awesome resident events happening at the apartments Austin residents choose for a contemporary eastside lifestyle.

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